FYi Advertising

Agency Belief

Knowing your business and growing your business are two distinctly different things.

Because while no one knows your business better than you do, it's often an eye on the outside of your organization that sees opportunity for growth.

That's the primary purpose and value of a good marketing partner.

At FYi Advertising, we see those opportunities and help you act upon them to grow your business and influence attitudes for the growth of your brand.


Below is a list of our experience with high consequence brands—those products or services in which a consumer’s decision can have a serious long-term impact on his or her health, or financial or legal situation. For each of these blue chip brands, we provided unique marketing campaigns to engage, inform and persuade their respective target markets to choose their high consequence products or services over their competitors’. Even in industries where consumers are highly skeptical (i.e. the financial planning space), FYi has had a track record of developing unusually effective campaigns.

Blue Cross Community Hospital Froedtert
Man Power Mayo Clinic OSH PHRMA
ST. Joseph Vedder Price West Bend
Wst Bend Coffe Children Hospital Duke Medical
Wood Promotion Network Barnes Midas

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